Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spinning and Dizzy

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you had no idea which way you were headed so you just stood there spinning around in one spot, while you tried to figure it all out?

That's where I am. Spinning and dizzy.

I stopped blogging a few months back because of time. Or lack of it. Finishing up school, combined with work and family commitments, I had no time to recruit authors to guest post. I had no time to plaster pictures from my local SCBWI Spring Spirit conference. I had no time to put into words how I am now agented by Danielle Smith at Foreword Literary. (WOOT!)

From the left: Diandra Mae, Steven Short, Danielle Smith, Maria Burel, Moi, and Carter Higgins

Thanks to my lovely, amazing, oh-so-talented agent, Danielle, (pictured above with the hip glasses), I recently was able to have dinner with some AMAZING people who attended the SCBWI LA conference. It hit me. I MISS THIS. I miss these people. I miss this community.

It caused me to reflect back on these last few months and when I thought about it, I realized I did have time. Little snippets here and there. The catch was though (are you ready for it?), I didn't have the time to make my posts PERFECT. I feared that a post wouldn't be interesting enough or funny in the least, or that I would miss the opportunity to give credit where it was due. I felt this self-induced pressure and it paralyzed me.

I think I lost sight of the fact that blogging is about community and the community that I know and love wouldn't care if I transposed the B and the W, in SCWBI or if a joke fell flat or if I posted a picture of myself with acai remnants in my teeth.

So here it is. My small attempt to get this ball rollin' again...

Tomorrow we camp. It is our last hurrah before work begins on Monday and my husband and I turn into giant, misshapen pumpkins. I plan on hiking and disconnecting, laughing loud and catching up with my best friend from college. And if all goes to plan, I hope to read. A LOT.
Here are the books I picked up from the library.

Have you read 'em?! Here's a Fun Elizabeth Fact (F.E.F.)...I've never read any Konigsburg!
Also, if you are in need of some middle grade goodness, Carter Higgins has created an amazing reading list for you over on Design Mom.

So that was it. It may not be a dissertation or the workings of a Chris Rock special, but it's a start.