Dear Reader,

Elizabeth Stevens Omlor loves slipping on banana peels. She has at least one slip a day, physically or verbally. She loves writing for children, although she has recently discovered she is a delusional rhymer. When she isn’t writing for children, you can find her having a kitchen dance party with her husband and two young children or drinking a large glass of milk. She loves milk. Yum.  Especially when it’s in chocolate. She blogs about all of this here on this very site!
AKA Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

Here are some Fun Elizabeth Facts or, F.E.Fs.

1. I live in what I consider to be place from a storybook, where I can cruise to our downtown on my bike and jump in a swimming hole to cool off.

2. Two of the best compliments I have ever received?

a) That someone thought I was funny.
b) That ME writing for children  made perfect sense

3. Sometimes I like to pretend I live in the south of France, surrounded by lavender, cafe music, and quiet picnics outdoors on a blanket.  Then I get hit in the head by a rubber ball thrown by my toddler who I like to call Bam Bam.

4. I speak Spanish.

5. I think I was a Mexican revolutionary in a past life. I am hoping it was one of them. So cool.

Thank you for visiting. Please check back in for new updates!

Elizabeth Stevens Omlor I