Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Pits

There once was a family who'd get the flu,
whenever there was something real important to do.

It would start with a headache, a cough or sore throat,
and then, ah man, you just don't want to know!

First one poor kiddo, and then the other,
until everyone was ill, even their mother.

It didn't matter what plans they'd have before,
The whole family was destined to be sick and indoors.

Two times on Halloween, one time on Christmas,
this year for a birthday party, and one pre-paid field trip.

The thing is, they learned from these times, (they're hard),
how it's important to have family live where you are.

They have not one grandma near them, no great-aunt Ruth,
to cover them with blankets or make them soup.

One thing they know of next year to be true,
is before they get sick, they'll just have to move!


  1. Oh guys are all sick :( Can I bring you something?
    ps I love the poem!

  2. I love this! And it is so very true!

  3. Is great-aunt Ruth referring to Mama Ruth?