Thursday, March 8, 2012

Banana Peelin' with Tammi Sauer

Don't you ever just wish you could go back to the good ol' days when life was a little more simple?  When we didn't have to worry about things like traffic jams, computer malfunctions, too many choices on the shampoo aisle or tiny, wild children tugging at parents' heart's strings over wanting certain, eccentric pets?

What? Kids did that back then too? Nevermind. I guess the brilliant children's author, Tammi Sauer has discovered evidence from way back, when we all lived in caves and communicated by shifting our bushy unibrows up and down while shouting "Ooga!". Her new book, Me Want Pet!  offers some extremely rare, illustrated documentation of an actual cave boy wanting to bring inappropriate animals home to live as pets.

What's that? The same Tammi Sauer has also had some humbling/embarrassing experiences in her writing career? 

I'm impressed!

From cave boys to banana peels, let's give a big cave people welcome to the well rounded Tammi Sauer, today's Banana Peel Thursday guest author! (Ooga!)


Banana Peels:
Whew. I’ve been in this business since 2003, so I have had a lot of banana peels. Let me just share three:
I drove over an hour to get to a school visit only to arrive and realize I was wearing mismatched shoes.
At my daughter’s basketball game, a lady recognized me from a newspaper article. She brought her son over to me and said, “Garrett, this lady is an AUTHOR!” I pretty much did a hair toss in front of my friends because it was cool for them to see me in my author groove. Then Garrett said, “Are you ROSEMARY WELLS?!” Uh, no.
The Oklahoma SCBWI RA is Anna Myers. Anna does countless things for our group, including having her good-spirited husband Johnny help out behind the scenes at every conference.  Our most recent one was held at the First Baptist Church in a small Oklahoma town. Prior to the start of the conference, Anna and I were visiting in the church parking lot when a pick-up truck pulled up next to us.  Glancing at the driver and assuming he is Johnny, I say, “Hey, handsome. Come join us.” Turns out the driver wasn’t Johnny. He was the minister.
And now I’m forever known as the person who tried to pick up the minister at the SCBWI Conference.
Tammi Sauer has sold eleven picture books to a number of major publishing houses. In addition to winning numerous awards, her books have gone on to do great things. Cowboy Camp was developed into a musical by the Katy Visual & Performing Arts Center in Katy, Texas. Mostly Monsterly was selected for the 2012 Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories® program. And Chicken Dance was recently released in French which makes her feel extra fancy.
Tammi’s latest book is Me Want Pet!, illustrated by Bob Shea. OOGA!

Bawk and Roll, illustrated by Dan Santat, will be available at a bookstore, library, or barnyard near you on April 3, 2012.
Tammi’s Books:
Cowboy Camp (Sterling, 2005)
Chicken Dance (Sterling, 2009)
Mostly Monsterly (Simon & Schuster, 2010)
Mr. Duck Means Business (Simon & Schuster, 2010)
Me Want Pet! (Simon & Schuster, 2012)
Bawk and Roll (Sterling, 2012)
Oh, Nuts (Bloomsbury, 2012)
Princess in Training (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012)
The Twelve Days of Christmas in Oklahoma (Sterling, 2012)
Nugget and Fang (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013)
TBA!!!(TBA, 2014)

Did you notice a trend on Ms. Sauer's book list starting with Me Want Pet!? The year 2012 seems to be a pretty busy year for Tammi!  I am so grateful that she agreed to share her experiences on the Banana Peel Thursday series. 

This is just one of the stops she is making along her week-long blog tour. Please make sure to check out the other sites to learn more about the author and to enter to win her new book....Wait, what? Others are giving away her book, Me Want Pet?  Maybe I should too! 


Here is the deal. The thing that I have really liked about communicating with Tammi is that she has a great sense of humor. I have never seen or participated in so much cave man talk since buzz of her book began. 

So.... as a person that:

a) is fascinated with languages
b) loves to laugh

I am proposing that the person who creates the most humorous comment in reaction to Tammi's post in "cave man" language will win this wonderful new book!

(You can just devote a piece of your commentary for this purpose. Please indicate if you are interested in the book giveaway. Just post it below in the comment section by the end of Sunday, March 11th, PST.)

FINE PRINT: Contest results will be measured by a laugh-o-meter bought especially for this event. Know that objectivity is highly valued. Any complaints in regards to conduct or suspicions of foul play must  be directed to Lana Pinebane, official spokesperson for BPT.

Me Want Pet! Blog Tour

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Tuesday, March 6th:      Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)
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Thursday, March 8th:     Banana Peelin’ ...(That's me! Eeek! I mean, ooga!)
Friday: March 9th:         Jama’s Alphabet Soup 


  1. Tammi Sauer, glad me met now Me want, Me Want Pet!

    That was not very good Caveman, but I tried. Haha. Loved the interview Elizabeth :0)

  2. Glad to meet you here. Congrats on your success. I love the minister story.

  3. Me laugh hard at your banana peels. HAH! HAH! That me laughing hard. Now, me want to laugh hard at book. Give me. Now.

  4. You give me book! *grunt* Busy cave lady need relax. Much to do:
    1) Scrub cave walls *grr*
    2) Roast wooly mammoth casserole *grr*
    3) Drag young ones back to cave *grr*
    Me go now. Big One watch. Need look busy. *pounds fist*

    Fun contest! (lori _ j _ alexander @ comcast . net)

  5. Me get book. Me read, me laugh hard. Ha, ha. Me laugh loud. Little boy see, him want laugh. He come me, take book, want read. Me show him read. Him laugh, him read more. Ha, ha. Me get literate child.

    Me love blog. Me love banana. Me love Thursday cause you.

    NotAnonymously yours, MelissaK
    (missat13 at msn dot com)

  6. Me have idea for Cave Boy prequel:

    "Cave Boy Gets a Potty"

    Surefire bestseller!

    cathy54321 at hotmail dot com

  7. Thank you-ga for inviting me to share some of my horrific moments! :)

  8. Great stories, Tammi! So far my favorite is Mostly Monsterly :) but I confess I've only read Cowboy Camp and Chicken Dance besides and they're all great.

    Thanks for anther great banana peel interview, Elizabeth!

    I would try writing caveman, but as a caveman I cannot read or write. Actually, I don't even speak that well. So FGHJDYUG A$%^*($@HC

  9. Fab post, Elizabeth! Just buzzing by to say hello to a fellow Me Want Pet! Blog tour person. Enjoyed Tammi's banana peels :).

  10. Me want book.
    Me leave cave.
    Me go bookseller cave.
    Me ask.
    He get.
    Me give cave card.
    He want ID.
    Me go me cave.
    Me get rock.
    Me draw me.
    Me leave cave.
    Me go bookseller cave.
    Me ask.
    He get.
    Me give cave card.
    Me give rock of me.
    He says “UG!”
    Me say “UG?”
    He say card expire.
    Me go me cave.
    Me get cash.
    Me leave cave.
    Me go bookseller cave.
    Me ask.
    He get.
    Me give cash.
    He say cash prehistoric.
    Me sad.
    Me out of option.
    Me go me cave.
    Me get club.
    I think me get book now.
    But just in case…me love win book :-)

    1. oh, Penny, that was awesome.

    2. Thanks...I see a typo. "He says" instead of "He say"'s hard to think caveman!

  11. Great interview. I love that you have soo many books coming out this year. Congratulations! I love the Priest story. I used to call my husband as my "Sexy Rabbi" and often received looks of crazy disapproval from people who did not realize that Rabbi's can marry.

  12. Me want book! Me in awe of Tammi! Four books out in 2012? Holy Mammoth! Me want Tammi to ghost write my books. Make me famous and prolific like Tammi. Ooga, ooga!

  13. Me like blog
    Me like book
    Me promise not to use book to start fire to cook

  14. These comments made my night (I cannot compete with such comic genius) and Tammi's banana peels were so good I read them out loud to my family. Love it!

  15. No see problem. Shoes no match.
    Me got no shoes.

    No see problem. Rosemary Wells. Good.
    Call you Max or Ruby. Bad.

    No see problem. Handsome minister.
    Me be happy, call me handsome :)

    Elizabeth and Tammi, thanks for another great banana peel thursday.
    Super fun!

  16. You hit on Minister? Which club you use? Me laugh so hard, me wet my sabertooh skirt. Me want book. But me not sure what that is.

  17. Me thinks Penny wants Me Want Pet a lot!

    Don't include me in the already got a copy of book. (wink)

  18. me want book, bad. me club tough he-man. me no
    do jokes. but me know me want book, N.O.W.
    (pretty please)

    me like t.s. funny nana peel. sorry bout spell. me no school.

    lou buffkin who love ts wonnerful books.
    lqbuffkin at yahoo dot com er..umm.. me mean dot cave, ooga!

  19. Me want minister to drag Tammi by cavewoman hair to Colorado. Come visit RMCSCBWI cave here. Send her home with buffalo pet.

  20. Ha, ha. Me rolling on floor. But me own TWO copies already! (so dont enter me) That's because ME so forgetful. Me pre-ordered and then pre-ordered again!

  21. Tammi Ooops! Funny.
    Me laugh out loud.
    Me love Tammi's books.
    Me send congrats.
    Tammi do good work.
    Me fight for book.
    Ha! This fun.

  22. Jean say buffalo?
    Buffalo for me!
    Me fight!
    Maybe me fight LJ Moz?
    Me fight LJ Moz and Jean!

  23. Great post and the comments rock (intended!)

  24. What banana peel?
    Tammi funny cave lady.
    Tammi write many slates.
    Me want Tammi for pet.