Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog Junkie

     Four days ago, my life was normal. I had minimal to average daily doses of online social networking. I had healthy face-to-face conversations with people about normal day-to-day things such as zucchini bread or  my ever expanding muffin top. Four days ago, I wasn't addicted to anything but coffee. That was four days ago. But today I think I would qualify for the title blog junkie. I eat and sleep blog.   I am hoping this is just some kind of honeymoon period that I will get over next week, hopefully. But until then, I will call my sister and ask her how she is doing, when she really knows I just want to see if she has read my blog. I will call my dad and ask him on his birthday if he checked out the site yet, and when he hasn't I'll ask him, "how come?"  Yes folks. It is that bad. I'm officially an addict. We're talking laundry piles, a moldy shower curtain, our Christmas tree is leaning too far to the right...I don't care about ANY of it! Is this what it is going to take to become a writer? God help me.

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