Friday, December 30, 2011

Sleep Therapy

Ah, dreams.

In my previous post I referred to a couple of dreams from the past that could both qualify to be scandalous and/or slightly disturbing. However, tonight I am hoping to look at dreams in a different light.  I am of  the belief that humans (and possibly dogs for that matter)  can really work out some important issues while sleeping. I am interested in exploring if "sleep therapy" can be a useful tool when attempting to write.

 I once dreamed of a complex and feasible (not to mention a bit crazy and highly exhausting) child care situation that once put into action, allowed me and a good friend to spend more time at home with our first born children. (And I have lived to tell about it.) This is one example of "sleep therapy" in action. A problem was resolved by my brain which was wheeling and dealing while I slept. How amazingly efficient.

This morning I awoke after just having had a couple of ideas, that were sure to be borderline genius, visit me in a dream.  The first was to refer to my couch as "the purple people eater" in my next writing piece (true story).

EXHIBIT A: The Purple People Eater

The next was how elastic waist pants, (which I hold in quite high esteem with my new, post-holiday body) can be related to writing in some way. 

Well, I have just mentioned "the purple people eater" in my writing (check) and now I will attempt to relate the greatest invention known to yo-yo eaters such as myself, elastic waist pants, to writing.

Elastic waistbands, which may be found on elastic waist pants, are terrific because they get bigger and smaller according to the physical state you are in. They are great for a little extra breathing room when the going gets tough. Not like those other alternatives that send chills across even the most moldable of muffin tops ...such as button waistbands. Dun, dun, dunnnn.

EXHIBIT B: Elastic Pants (Please note how label so appropriately reads: Comfort Zone)

When someone writes, they have a draft that they probably visit and revisit about twenty billion times before it is finally considered finished. The piece expands and contracts in size just as someone's elastic waistband  would if  they were to experience spurts of exercise and healthy eating followed by blasted holiday eating. (Bollocks to you delicious, frosted gingerbread men cookies!)

The expansion and contraction of a writing piece is a wonderful and gratifying process. With time and revision, the writing piece becomes polished. Rarely does my writing get worse from too much TLC. The piece may get twenty times longer and then be cut down to half of its original size in a day. Nothing is set in stone.There is breathing room, as if  bound by elastic. Expanding and contracting. Contracting and expanding. When it is all said and done, perfect as can be, no matter what size it is, you feel comfortable and satisfied and at peace with yourself. Just as you would if you were to relax in your elastic waist pants, on your "purple people eater" couch for a nice session of "sleep therapy".



  1. I like your analogy and your extreme talent in relating elastic waist pants to writing :) It's right up there with one of my posts from about a year ago where I managed to get from Feng Shui-ing my office into writing picture books - amazing how the mind can twist things to suit your purpose! :) I personally will be staying in my comfort zone of both pants and writing for the next couple weeks while I recover from the holidays :)

  2. LOL this is very good and I had never related these to writing before. I think my writing and me relate very well to your analogy. Thankyou for this.