Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Very Own Brain Burp...

Yeesh I'm tired. How about you?

Got a headache. My computer is just about to crash again and I just got to relive my brain burp. Yes. That's right. My brain burped very appropriately on the Katie Davis podcast show, Brain Burps About Books, and I have listened to my own personal disaster two whole times now because my husband wanted to listen... and then listen again. 

Now, am I eternally grateful to have been featured on Katie Davis's show with amazing authors and other figures in the children's literature world? Heck yes!

Would I take the opportunity to do a do-over in 1/8th of a betcha!

What have I learned from this experience other than our fellow human beings are extremely giving and patient (aka Saint Katie Davis)?

Well, that I need to constantly have an idea of what I am trying to sell to the books. In case you missed it, which you quite possibly could have if you coughed or took a potty break, it went something like this:

Saint Katie Davis: So what kind of books do you write?

Little Me: Uhhhh...ummm..I have like tons of manuscripts. Picture books, fiction and a couple non-fiction.  Uhhh...I also have a middle grade idea. Oh and I have business cards, etc, etc.


Next time, if I am ever asked about my writing again I shall whip up something like this....

FANTASY INTERVIEWER: So what kind of books do you write?

LITTLE FANTASY ME: Well, Mr. Duchovny (I did say this was a fantasy, right?), I would say that my manuscripts, which are mostly intended for picture books, could be described as bridge-theme books. In my writing, I seek to build bridges, between people divided, those who sit on one edge of a perspective, hoping to connect them with those who sit on the opposing end. Most tend to be centered around social justice issues, homelessness, poverty, gender and racial equality. Although, I have been known to dabble in writing terrifically witty, lyrical books about the struggles of young homo-sapiens, attempting to understand the complexities of  the planet they inhabit, otherwise known as Earth.


If you did miss it, you really should listen to the entire podcast because it is just filled with valuable information on how to promote your book. (You can listen to the episode by clicking here.) I learned SO much. In case you are wondering what NOT to do in an interview, you can listen to the podcast's grand finale guest, moi! (I am on right after Dan Santat!!! OMG!)

I don't know about you, but this week was extremely EXHAUSTING.

Besides doing things like calling poison control because my toddler decided to eat wall spackle for dessert, I have been involved in quite a few projects that make me feel writery.

1. Brain burpy podcast interview and participating in Katie Davis's blog tour, promoting her new book, How to Promote Your Children's Book: Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Creating a Bestseller

2. Finalizing two critique groups' details (including being assigned my new nickname, Bananabeth by Angela it!)

3. Contacting authors to beg them to share their banana peel slips...Anyone, Mr. Santat, Ms. Crum? (Cue pin drop sound effect)

4. Communicating with an amazing artist friend, Seth Ahonen (et al.) for the design of my very own blog banner...eeek!) Isn't his art beautiful?

(Check out his AugustEve store here!)

5. Contacting my dream non-fiction subject for possible interview (aka...running into amazing rock star in club's bathroom and asking her for an interview for children's PB biography...she agreed! Double eeek!)

6. Drawing a name from my smelly hat for the book giveaway...Come on down Penny Parker Klosterman! Woo hoo! (Thank all of you so much for promoting Banana Peel Thursdays.)

7. Submitted three stories to Rate  Your Story. This free site allows your work to be submitted and rated by published authors who volunteer for the good of the cause. Love this site. I can't believe it's free. Such a smart idea.

8. Preparing for this week's Banana Peel Thursday with Natasha Yim! You HAVE to read her encounters with banana peels. I learned SO much. Wow. She is a trooper and an inspiration. I can't wait to share her story.

After such a week, I am feeling slightly sentimental and just want to say thanks.

Thanks for reading this. Thanks for returning especially if you have listened to my squeaky-voiced, uninformative interview.

I have met an amazing community of writers over the past couple of months and am so grateful for your support and inspiration. =)

Make sure to stop back by tomorrow for Natasha Yim's amazing Banana Peel Thursday story!


  1. I listened, and it wasn't such a dramatic catastrophe! But if you insist on calling it so, then you have your very own banana peel on the way to publication, right? :) You did lots of stuff this week - give yourself a break and a pat on the back. (And if you want some relaxing entertainment, stop by my place sometime...) :)

    1. Thanks Renee! You're right. Another banana peel...however a very public one. =) I love your site. It is genius. (And relaxing!)

  2. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Awesome post, BananaBeth! (And that is why I stay away from vlogs, TV, radio interviews and anything else that can catch me unscripted!) I once had a similar experience at a writing conference when bigwig editor, Steve Meltzer asked me what I was working on.

    1. Thanks so much Corey I can see why you choose to stay away from the media! Man...I wished I would have heard your story before I went on! At least now I know to always be prepared to talk about what I am doing. =)

  3. I won? I was drawn from the smelly hat? This is so exciting!!! I love Katie Davis's podcast and her book sounds just wonderful and full of invaluable information! Although I have no published books to promote...her book will prepare me for the day when I do...because that is my dream.
    I loved hearing about your banana peels, Elizabeth. It was very entertaining and relatable.
    And, WOW, what a busy week you have had. I think you should go right down to the convenience store and buy a six-pack of Red Bull.
    Thank you for bringing us banana peels. I love them!!!

    1. You won! You won! I hope you enjoy your read and that it gives you some great insight on how to reach your dream! As far as the Red Bull... I was thinking you might say some hard lemonade. That would also do the trick!So glad you enjoy the banana peels Penny. (Also, so sorry for spelling your last name incorrectly before!)

  4. Our lives are full of brain burps...thankfully, we can learn from them. And what's more...they keep us humble. I must be the humblest person on the earth from all the mistakes I've made in the past!

    1. You are definitely right about the humility. Cheers to brain burps and banana peels!

  5. Your interview was great! You sounded soooo enthusiastic and spoke for so many of us pre-published writers. Congratulations on hosting Katie's blog tour and being interviewed on her podcast. OMG! that is huge!

    1. Thanks Dixie for tuning in! I really look forward to our group's meeting this next month. Your writing was wonderful!

  6. I haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast yet, but that's next on my list right after edits for my picture book. Publishers always make you wait eons (aka several months, even years) to offer you a contract. Then when they do, they want edits in a week! Yeesh! But I love your Voice on this blog, Elizabeth. With that kind of humorous Voice, your writing will go far. And get to work on your middle grade idea—your Voice (have I said this enough) is perfect for that age group. And thanks for inviting me to guest blog—can't wait to see it tomorrow! I've enjoyed reading all the other banana peels!

    1. Natasha! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am SO flattered!!! I am so grateful to you for sharing your story. I think others will feel the same. So glad you enjoy the banana peels! Talk to you tomorrow!

  7. Hi Elizabeth,
    First congrats on being a part of Katie's Blog Tour and Podcast, that is really great. Also I did here your segment, it wasn't so bad. I just assumed your were still searching for your Voice, I know I am.I like how you fooled Katie into thinking you were wearing a banana peel costume. You are doing an awesome job with the "Banana Peels" series.

  8. Oh my, what a week! Not the least of which was your toddler eating spackle... I look forward to listening to the podcast and I am sure you sounded great!