Monday, January 30, 2012

The Creative Nap

There are a few things I do not get.

One, for example, is how a lone man, driving by himself can feel confident enough to honk at a woman walking down the road. Yuck.

 I don't get how I have come to look so completely dreadful in the mornings, when did that start? (Could it be Tina Fey was right? Is this the onset of decay?)

 I am not sure why I can't  return my books on time to the libarary when it is literally a block away.

WHY WORLD?! Why was  I born with hair that is genetically incapable of doing a gorgeous, movie star, side-swoop bun?

(So sad. Don't you just feel sorry for the guy? Poor little bun.)

More importantly, why is it that the more I learn about the craft that is to write, the more lost and overwhelmed I feel by the whole dang process? I  now look at my stories, which suddenly seem so dreadful and simple, and scan them for point-of-view flaws, rhyming scheme errors (iambic what?), and appeal for children. In most cases, I think, man, what was I thinking?

Let me tell ya, ignorance is bliss folks.

P.S. Argh. (In most cases I don't think "argh". I just like to pretend I'm a pirate on occasion.)

There is one thing I do get, however.
I'm on it. Got it covered. It's in the bag.

And that is the "creative nap". Yes, you heard me right. There is such a glorious thing!

Nancy Lamb's, The Writer's Guide to Crafting Stories for Children, is full of helpful information. I must say however that I was especially taken by the section entitled, "The Creative Nap".

You see, I LOVE naps. If there was a Facebook page for naps, I would be their biggest fan. Actually,  I should be probably one of the most creative people out there if we were judging by an hours-spent-napping average (HPNA). My HPNA is quite high.

At first I thought I could attribute my fondness of siestas to my European heritage. But then I realized I was mostly German and that a two hour nap in the middle of the day would not be efficient enough, culturally speaking.

 Then I thought, well, I am a new mama. And then a grad student....So on and so forth. I know, excuses, excuses. The point is, I just love to nap. I love to wake up and feel energized. In fact, I am writing this half asleep this very moment.

 I should probably just kick up my feet and succumb to the drool fest that will inevitably occur in T minus five minutes. Especially considering I am seated on the "purple-people-eater". In case you have forgotten what she looks like, here is a refresher.

Ahhhh.....How could anyone resist?

As I was sayin....g,....I...zzzzzzz....


  1. You are so funny! I'm not a napper myself - I can't let go enough to sleep during the day - I feel like too much of a slacker when there's so much to do! - but I do sometimes lie on the floor with my eyes closed AS IF I'm going to nap to see if I can trick my brain into thinking up something useful. Mostly I get a lot of dog saliva on my face during these interludes.... But in either case, Nancy Lamb's book is one of my all time favorites and I give it to fellow writers all the time because I love it so much! Have a nice nap :)

    1. Ha! I am just trying to picture you on the ground trying to sleep. So funny. I am also reading Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul and am LOVING IT! =)

  2. I bet I love naps more than you!! So is she saying naps actually improve your creativity? That would be so awesome!!

    1. What is your HPNA? She says that you will be refreshed and ideas will basically come easier after a snooze. I totally agree! =) Congrats of 12x12. You rock!

  3. This blog is full of Universal Truths today - One, Tina Fey is generally right and when in doubt, yield to her superior observations - Two, Hollywood Hair is not for the Real World and is in all reality probably Fake Hair - and Three, Naps Buoy Creativity like nobody's business. Truth, which is joy, which is love. You and I and Julie Hedlund all need to get together at a conference some time and ... (stretch)... you know... power nap.

    That is one powerful couch photo. I feel... a novel coming on.

    (Anonymously yours, Melissa K.)

    1. Ha! I need to look into that fake hair thing. My luck, it would probably fall out into my soup! I agree, conference then nap...preferably pool side, with "mommy juice". =)

  4. I too am a happy napper! Love the picture of the couch. Makes me want to grab a blankey and pillow and curl up for a while.
    ps..I've read your work, your stories are art, and the result of some very productive napping.
    "RRRRRR matey"

  5. Happy Nappers unite! Thanks for the comment Dixie and the compliment! Art? Awww... those kind words were needed today! Thank you!

  6. Another wonderful post! I LOVE naps, but I'm always worried I'll sleep too long. I'm kind of afraid of them. Especially when I'm not at home. Train naps always make me worry that I'll wake up at dinner time in New Jersey.

    1. Thanks Annie! Wow. Train naps would be freaky. I wouldn't be able to handle them for sure. =)Especially if they were to possibly interfere with one of my meal times. No way!

  7. No, not cultural but definitely.......
    hereditary! :)

  8. I am a napper too! Love this post.