Monday, January 9, 2012

Recipe for Goodness a la Blog

Good morning.
Buenos dias.
Guten morgen.
gop-o-o-dop  mop-o-rop-nop-i-nop-gop. (Opp language)

Why is it a good morning?

Well... I will have you know blogosphere that I, Elizabeth Stevens Omlor I, have actually completed my first picture book for 12 x 12  in 2012!

 In case you doubt, I offer proof.

One down. Eleven to go.
I know, I didn't think it could be done so soon, what with so many dead-end ideas, two children, two cats,  a husband and a new part time job starting up, not to mention a dreadful paper cut.

To be honest, all of those things listed above actually inspire me to write. They breathe life into my world. (That includes you too, Sid Vicious... part cat, part evil villain.)

What really knocked my socks off was the fact that I completed a brand spankin' new manuscript despite my full blown BLOG ADDICTION. Who's with me here?! Anyone?

I read blogs, write blogs and search the web for other bloggers like me. It's an addiction, complete with a cycle and all.

In fact, I have taken it to a whole NEW level. I have dedicated the next 21 days of my bloggin' life to comment on at least five other blogs per day! (Comment Challenge 2012, hosted by Mother Reader and Lee Wind).  You see, there are a whole slew of blogging contests out there and I have only tapped the surface. Isn't is glorious!

Or is it?

Since I began blogging, my laptop has become another of my body's appendages. (Although much less jiggly than the rest). As my portal to a community of writers, where initially I only expected to establish a lone page of some random, wacky thoughts, the blogosphere has allowed me to speak about something I am completely obsessed with, children's literature, and allowed me to learn about a craft that has completely over taken my life, with a great group of dedicated individuals, utterly unkonwn  to me a month ago. (Whew..I love commas.)

I have learned that bloggers who write for children are creative, let me tell you. Each blog has it's own appeal, ways to attract traffic and most importantly, ways to give back to the writing community. Contests, activities, give aways, book critiques, etc. This got the wheels turnin' in my little noggin of mine.

What in the world can I offer to the blogosphere that has not already been done to support other aspiring writers? 
Then it came to me. My idea.
It's appropriate. It's relevant. It's wonderful! (Cue squealing, giddy dance.) I can't WAIT to share it with the universe....when the stars align. (If the stars align.) That's right, I need to tweak and polish it a little and out! Socks will be knocked off! (Maybe).

Key ingredients of my experimental recipe for Goodness a la Blog?

-A few cups of  published authors with a dash of humility, a sense of humor and a willingness to tell their story
-A dollop of blog followers willing to read
-An ounce of dedication on my part to get things done that I say I am going to do
-A whole lotta luck

 What else will this mean? Well folks, this will mean more structure to my blogging schedule and postings (a means to cap my addiction =) ). Each post also will hopefully contain more purpose, less rambling and most important, LESS ME! (Thank goodness because I am really sick of myself!)

Please stay tuned to discover what good things HOPEFULLY will be coming our way soon!=)

P.S. If you are in fact a published author (or are best friends forever with one) and would like to partake in my efforts to validate and inspire us pre-published authors, PLEASE let me know!
There is no turning back for me now, it's in writing! YIKES!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your first 12x12 manuscript despite a wicked paper cut and a truly deadly looking cat! I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing here.

  2. Congrats on finishing your first ms! So awesome! Can't wait to find out what your idea is! I'm game to join you if you should happen to be interested in this pretty-much-unheard-of published children's author. And I also have some published author friends... But don't have too much less of you in your posts - you are funny and I enjoy your sense of humor :)

  3. Your blog, your dedication, and your recipe for blogular success are all wonderful. So is your finishing of a 12x12 manuscript. My mom is a published author (Keep Your Ear on the Ball), and wishes to be published again soon, but is still waiting... Me too. I'm her dog, Cupcake. I have a suggestion for your blog recipe for success. Put those cats to work! I write Mom's blog for her. It gives her more time to try and escape the One-Book-Wonder fear, and gives me less time to try and learn to fetch. Good luck. We'll be by again soon.
    Love and licks,

  4. Elizabeth,

    Congrats on finishing your January manuscript. I like that you wrote in a journal. My daughter bought me a journal to do my writing in for Christmas. In the past, I wrote on the computer. But, I enjoyed writing in my journal this month.

    Signed up for email subscription.

    Eric -

  5. Congrats on the first PB and on raising such an awesome cat with the great name! Still struggling with my first draft. I'm intrigued about what you have up your sleeves...:) I've subscribed, too! Renee -

  6. Congrats! And I second, Susanna...I think you are funny! Don't take you out of the blog. :) We want MORE you! That being said...looking forward to your announcement!

  7. I third Susanna! You ARE funny and most definitely don't take you out of your blog! I am intrigued and would love to hear more about your idea! Let me know if you want my help.

  8. Yes, congrats on the first of 12x12. You are an inspiration. And I agree with Marcie, you have to be in your own blog... how else can we get to know the fabulous person that you are?

  9. I love the laptop as a less jiggly appendage. I know I am in trouble when my DOG (not cat) climbs onto the keyboard to get some attention! Congrats on your extravaganza of productivity: a book draft written, a blog challenge taken on, and an exciting new project idea! Can't wait to hear more!

  10. I agree with Susanna - keep enough of yourself in the posts. You're funny and entertaining, and THAT is something we all need. :-)

  11. Saw you listing on the Comment Challenge page and thought I would stop by and say "hi". Enjoyed your "Recipe For Goodness" post.

  12. Congratulations on completing your manuscript :)

  13. Very well done Elizabeth! It really is a great accomplishment because it's the beginning of your 'snowball'. It's my belief that the hardest thing in the world is to get going and keep up momentum. So the idea is to get your 'snowball' growing and make those little efforts that keep the creative juices flowing. So keep it up and let's cause an avalanche! :D

  14. Bravo you for your first draft amidst all the other addictions :)

    Definitely keep you in your blogs. I like some personal flavor. Always!

  15. Glad you found my blog so that I found YOUR blog. Can't wait to see what you have coming up in the months ahead. Oh and congrats on finishing manuscript #1. I have my idea, but definitely not a finished ms yet. But, there's plenty of January left!

  16. HOW MUCH do I love my new title - "Pre-Published Author." Wheeeee! I want to fill out some stupid government form - in TRIPLICATE, even! Pre-published. PERFECT. Thanks, Elizabeth.

    Note: idea for future post - is it Elizabeth? Beth? Liz? Betty? Zuzu? How do you shorten - if at all? :)

    (no blog at present, so I have to post as Anonymous - regretfully, Melissa K.)

  17. Love your blog, agree with Susanna, to keep you in. Waiting with baitted breath for the surprise.....!!!

  18. Happy to have you in the Comment Challenge! And welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

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