Monday, January 2, 2012

Tick, tock

Tick, tock.

These human clock zombies are taunting me. They know the countdown has begun. Why do they torture me so? Twelve picture books in twelve months. While I am sure ideas will come to me at some point,  it is always a little worrisome to not have any up my sleeve at any given time. I used to wonder if each idea I had for a story was just a fluke, something never to occur again. But I have come to trust that an idea will in fact come and of course, at most opportune of times, such as:

while I am mid-drool, at three in the morning,
while I am liberating the vacuum attachment of a matted clump of cat fur balls,
while I am slopping up applesauce flung from my "terrific" toddler's spoon

But for now, I will just sit here, living it up, drooling, liberating and slopping, waiting for those ideas to flood my head.

Tick, tock.

(P.S. Human clock zombies, have some compassion, would ya?)

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  1. LOL! Wonderful post. I know how you feel. I see on the FB page that some people are already on their 2nd manuscript! Really?!? Its January 3rd for goodness sakes! I know something will come before the end of the month...but until resumes as normal. :)